K/KE compact: Cutter-mixers & Emulsifiers Compact design and commercial performance

Our cutter can chop, mash, knead, emulsify any product in seconds: vegetables and herbs, different types of dough, raw or cooked meat, fish, fruit, nuts, ice, hummus, etc.

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Professional performance

A model for every user

Two product ranges, ACTIVE with fixed speed which is extremely easy to use and ULTRA, with variable speed and advanced features, make up a high-capacity offer with a 4.4 litre bowl.

Top quality food-grade materials

Robust construction in fibreglass-reinforced PBT plastic material.

The bowl is made of Tritan™ (food-grade recyclable co-polyester free of BPA and any other bisphenol), is highly resistant and is dishwasher safe.

Option to add the veg prep function to your food processor*

Thanks to sensors in the motor block, compact food processors make it possible to add a vegetable preparation function to the machine. By adding the appropriate head, the food processor will also function as a veg prep machine.

* NOTE: Please check availability date for the vegetable preparation head.

Multiple functions in seconds

Use the cutter function to cut, grind, mix, knead or emulsify any product, in seconds.

4.4 litre food processing bowl

The K/KE food processors are available with a 4.4 litre capacity bowl equipped with a shaft high pipe and can grind, mix, knead... 5.5 lbs. of product, in seconds.

Superior blending quality

Both the blades and the stirrers have been carefully designed to achieve superior blending quality. Thanks to the inverted blade and the lateral stirrers, a smooth, homogeneous and uniform blending is achieved.

Invert-blade technology: Rotor with a reversed-edge blade

The upper blade of the rotor has a reversed cutting edge, causing the product to move downwards. In contrast, the lower blade with the normal cutting edge causes the product to move upwards. Thus, thanks to the movement created by the different cutting edges, a much more uniform finish is obtained.

Bowl with lateral stirrers

The lateral stirrers prevent the product from accumulating on the walls of the bowl, pushing it towards the blade without the need for operator intervention. This allows for faster and more homogeneous working and prevents the product from overheating.

Cutting blades for each need

The cutter bowl is delivered as standard with a rotor with toothed blades. It can optionally be fitted with smooth and perforated blades.

Hub with toothed blades

The toothed blades are ideal for cutting parsley and products with a high water content that can be damaged using smooth blades. It is also good for frozen products, nuts, cured ham, cooked meat, purees (the puree is finer with this type of blade).

Hub with flat blades

The flat blades are indicated for cutting raw meat, because the edge and its shape can easily cut the nerve strands and difficult points of the meat. They are also recommended for vegetables in general, including onion, as it chops very well with only a small quantity of liquid from the product.

Hub with perforated blades

Use the perforated blades to make sauces and mix products such as mayonnaise, seafood cocktail sauce, aioli garlic mayonnaise, etc. as well as for certain types of pastry dough.

Speed selection


The available speed range enables the machine to be adapted to the product being processed. Also, thanks to the brushless motor technology, the motor maintains the torque throughout the speed range, obtaining maximum efficiency at all times.

Advanced timer


The ULTRA models are equipped with a timer that enables them to work for a predefined time, with the time remaining visible at all times.

This function is particularly useful for standardising processes.

Built-in programmes, specific functions


The machine has two special programmes: coarse blending and fine blending.

By combining different speeds and times in each of these programmes, the cutter optimises the parameters to obtain a uniform and consistent result in each case.

Program customization: Recipe standardization


In addition to the two built-in programmes on the machine, the KE-4V cutter allows the user to create up to 9 custom programs. In this way, by combining different speeds and different times, the user can standardize their own recipes to always obtain the same result automatically and without being aware of the machine.

High power asynchronous motor


The one-speed cutter has a powerful asynchronous ventilated motor that offers maximum performance at fixed speeds.

Brushless technology: maximum efficiency


Brushless technology is synonymous with optimum performance at any speed.

Variable speed food processor machines are equipped with highly efficient motors thanks to brushless technology.

Brushless motors are extremely efficient and can exert the same force over their entire speed range.

In addition to this, they make less noise, weigh less and, as they do not require ventilation, they improve the watertightness of the machines.

Motor block

The new machines feature a robust construction in fibreglass-reinforced polymers.

Maximum comfort for the user

Opening for adding ingredients

The cutter bowl's cover has an opening through which ingredients can be added during the cycle.

Lid equipped with gasket

The gasket on the lid of the food processor bowl prevents the products from overflowing during the cycle.

Bowl with ergonomic handle

The rounded, edgeless geometry of the handle allows the bowl to be held and positioned comfortably with one hand, avoiding user fatigue.

Designed to make the most of your workspace

An opening in the motorblock allows, in addition to protecting the plug, to make the most of the user’s workspace. Therefore, thanks to the machine design, the plug does not require more space and the machine can work even positioned up against a wall.

Intuitive control panel


The one-speed models have simply designed control panels for highly intuitive use.

Advanced control panel


The variable speed models have brushless technology and an advanced control panel. Very intuitive to use, the panel on these cutters offers all the information at a glance. The user therefore has maximum control of the cutting.

Maximum safety and hygiene

Bowl easy to detach

The bowls on Sammic cutters and emulsifiers are easily removable, without tools, for exchanging and cleaning. They are versatile and easy to maintain.

Easy to clean

All elements which come into contact with food can be disassembled for cleaning.

The food processor rotor and bowl can be washed in the dishwasher, guaranteeing optimum preservation over time.

Combination of safety systems

All cutters and emulsifiers K/KE have combination of safety systems that ensure user protection when the machine is in operation.

The position of the bowl and its cover have microswitches that prevent them from being inadvertently switched on and the shut-off safety element prevents accidental start-up of the blades in case of power failure.

Error warning system

A comprehensive warning system assists in the identification of possible malfunctions, simplifying the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

NSF accredited

All Sammic compact machines are standard 8 NSF certified, which is a safety and hygiene guarantee.

Sammic: a leader's guarantee

100% tested

All machines manufactured by Sammic are individually tested at the end of the assembly line, thus minimising the risk of post-sales incidents.

Designed and manufactured by Sammic in collaboration with Chefs

Sammic's corporate chef and his team have been actively involved in the entire development project of Sammic's compact machines.

Prior to their launch, all models are tested by both the corporate chef and Sammic's chef ambassadors around the world.

Finally, a continuous feedback channel throughout the product's useful life allows us to develop actions to continuously improve it, ensuring that we are still #TheRightChoice for users all over the world.

Cutter-Mixers & Emulsifiers

Commercial Food Processors for the professional kitchen.
Our bowl cutter can chop, mash, knead, emulsify any product in seconds: vegetables and herbs, different types of dough, raw or cooked meat, fish, fruit, nuts, ice, hummus, etc.

  • Bowl capacity
4.4 l Food-Processor K-41 Compact bowl cutter. 1 speed.
4.4 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-4V Compact bowl cutter & emulsifier. Adjustable speed with brushless technology.
Vegetable preparation attachment for K-41 / KE-4V

Vegetable preparation attachment for K-41 / KE-4V


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