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Congratulations Mingle Juice Bar!

June 8, 2018

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to present the TR-220 that was won during the Sammic NRA Show "Share and Win" promotion.  Kim, the owner of Mingle Juice Bar in Glenview, Illinois, had posted a picture to our Sammic Instagram from in our trade show booth during the National Restaurant Association Show.  She also happens to be a current happy customer, who uses our CKE-8 to create all of Mingle Juice Bar’s Acai base (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) for all of their Acai Bowls.


Kim personally designed a stunning space that offers healthy and extremely tasty food for all of the locals in Glenview and we appreciate her dedication to serving the best food while using the best in foodservice equipment. 

Thank you Kim, and we look forward to being your go to resource for quality equipment, “The Right Choice”.

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