Low-contact cooking and special diets

Low-contact cooking and special diets

Vacuum packaging machines with direct label printing system

  • Ideal for packaging raw ingredients before sous-vide cooking, or traditionally cooked food for storage and later regeneration.
  • Vacuum controlled by sensor.
  • Equipped with a Busch pump.
  • Different chamber sizes and different pump capacities.
  • Programmable: guarantee of consistent results.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and advanced features.
  • Printer connection for direct label printing.
  • Approved by NSF.

SmartVide by Sammic: low-temperature cookers

Ideal for cooking and regeneration.

  • Perfect texture, taste and colour with optimum conservation of nutrients.
  • Maximum levels of hygiene guaranteed due to the isolation of the ingredients.
  • Ideal for cooking vacuum-packed foods, conservation and subsequent regeneration. They are also suitable for regenerating traditionally-cooked food.
  • HACCP-ready: perfect traceability of cycles.
  • Approved by NSF.


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