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Free blade replacement to healthcare facilities

April 21, 2020

During this time of unimaginable stress to all facets of the healthcare system, from hospitals to assisted living, we want to do our part to keep you running as sharp as possible. 

Sammic is offering free blade replacement on our FC slicing discs to healthcare facilities during this time of need. 

Contact us at usa@sammic.com so we can give a helping hand to the heroes serving us when we need them most.

Replacement blade part# 2019078, compatible with Sammic slicing discs only:
FC-2, FC-3,  FC-6, FC-8, FC-10, FC-14, FC-20, FC-25, FC-3D, FC-6D, FC-8D, FC-10D, FC-14D. 
Only available in the contiguous US. 

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