Commercial Food Peeler
Stainless steel - Commercial  

Up to 66 lbs. loading capacity per cycle.

Stainless steel, commercial potato peeler machines. Also useful to peel carrots and similar products.
  • PI-30 is designed with an automatic water supply system to eliminate water waste for better water conservation. The system only uses water when the machine is peeling.
  • 0-6min timer and capable of continuous operation ensuring against any operator error and the perfect peel every time.
  • Abrasive side wall plates designed to reincorporate products to promote uniform peeling and less trim loss.
  • Transparent cover allows for products to be visually monitored during the peeling process
  • Integral control panel complete with on/off push buttons and a 0-6 minute timer.
  • NSF-listed, Standard 8 compliant.
  • ETL-listed, UL 763 and CSA C22.2 195 compliant.
  • Optional extra: stainless steel floor stand and filter with no-foam feature.

Internal agitating scrapers increase peeling surface area reducing peeling times by 30%.
  Optional Stainless-Steel floor stand with Stainless Steel filter to quickly and easily remove debris.
Fully sealable clear lid eliminates mess while providing a visual control to prevent over processing for better yields.


Stainless steel - Commercial
Stainless steel construction potato peelers

  • 10 to 30 Kg. (22 to 66 lbs.) capacity per cycle.
  • Stainless steel made.
  • Base plate and lateral stirrers lined with silicon carbide abrasive. Easily removable plate for cleaning purpose.
  • Liftable transparent polycarbonate cover complete with locking and safety device.
  • Aluminium door with hermetic seal and safety device.
  • Waterproof control board (IP65): Improved reliability against moisture and water splash. Equipped with timer and possibility of continuous operation.
  • Auto-drag of waste to the drain.
  • Water inlet system with non-return air break.
  • Auxiliary contact for external electric valve.
  • Energy-efficiency thanks to engine optimisation.
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PI-10 PI-20 PI-30
Selection guide
Covers (from / to) 60 - 200 100 - 300 -- - >200
Capacity per load 22lbs 44lbs 66lbs
Production /hour (max) 550lbs 950lbs 1600lbs
Timer 0-6' 0-6' 0-6'
External dimensions (WxDxH)
External dimensions (WxDxH) 17.1 x 25 x 26.3" 17 x 25 x 30.9" 24.5 x 29.9 x 39.5"
External dimensions with stand 17 x 25.1 x 41" 17 x 25.1 x 43.9" 24.5 x 29.9 x 49.4"
Net weight --lbs --lbs 132.5lbs
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