Equipment for pizzerias We can provide all of the kitchen equipment you need for a pizzeria.

Pizzerias are as unique as the many pizza styles they produce. Each operator must find that special something to make them relevant in the highly competitive industry. Sammic offers quality tools to keep you ahead of the competition. Long lasting products that have a focus on your food. Sammic has mixers designed for faster production times, hand blenders that stand up to the demands of a busy kitchen, cheese shredders and food processors to lower food costs and improve quality and consistency.

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The CA vegetable preparation machine is an essential!

The Sammic Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machine CA-3V is a dynamic processor that brings the most powerful cheese shredder to your countertop. Large production capability in a small footprint, the CA-3V can process 100’s of pounds of cheese reducing your food costs greatly. Shred and Grate everything from soft Mozzarella, Provolone to hard Parmesan. Lowering your food cost by shredding your own cheese will save you thousands of dollars a year! Slice, dice, julienne, you name it, Sammic can cut it. Pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage, bacon black olives, green peppers, even Pineapple!

SH Shredding Discs

This cheese shredding disc has your sanitation needs in mind. The easily detachable blade can be safely removed from the base without having to use screws. These screw heads can be a food safety hazard due to the difficult nature and time consuming efforts of cleaning under.

MX-12&TR-750 Immersion Blenders

The right choice, means the right size and power. Liquidize and blend all of your sauces, from 8” mixing arms that can blend 10qts at a time, to huge 24” arms that can handle up to 300qts, Sammic has the immersion blender your pizzeria needs. Compact and powerful.

Planetary Mixers

Maximum capacities:






Bread dough (lb flour) 60%





Croissants (lb flour)





Sponge cake batter (eggs)





Pizza (total lb)



17 22

Egg whites (eggs)

35 70 105 140

Genovese mixture (eggs)

33 66 100 132

Meringue (lb sugar)

1.6 3.3 5 6.6

Creamed potatoes (lb potato)

11 22 33 44

Minced meat (total lb)

11 22 33 44

Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machines

Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machines

The Perfect Cut, by Sammic: Quality, productivity, ergonomics.

Commercial Food Processors with an hourly outuput of up to 2,200 lbs.

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  • Hourly production
450 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-311 Commercial vegetable preparation machine with an hourly output of up to 1,000 lbs. / 450 Kg.
450 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-31 Vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 1,000 lbs./hour.
500 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-3V Commercial vegetable preparation. Production up to 1,000 lbs./hour.
650 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-41 High production vegetable preparation machine with an hourly output of up to 1,300 lbs.
650 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-4V High-production Commercial vegetable preparation machine, up to 1,300 lbs./hour.
SH Shredding & Grating Discs :: NEW: Detachable without tools & dishwasher safe

SH Shredding & Grating Discs :: NEW: Detachable without tools & dishwasher safe

código artículo
1010318 Shredding disc SH-1 · 1mm. · 1/32" · screwless
1010320 Shredding disc SH-2 · 2mm. · 5/64"· screwless
1010315 Shredding disc SH-3 · 3mm. · 1/8"· screwless
1010322 Shredding disc SH-4 · 4mm. · 5/32" · screwless
1010324 Shredding disc SH-6 · 6mm. · 1/4"
1010326 Shredding disc SH-7 · 7mm. 9/32" · screwless
1010328 Grating disc SH-8 · 8mm. · 5/16"· screwless
Commercial Hand Blenders - XM range

Commercial Hand Blenders - XM range

Commercial hand blenders and whisks

New range of hand blenders and whisks. Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.

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  • Liquidising arm length
223 mm [COMING SOON] Hand blender XM-12 Compact immersion blender. 0.33 Hp.
540 mm [COMING SOON] Hand blender XM-71 Professional immersion blender. 1.2 Hp.
Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers

Mixer supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook

Specially designed for workshop, bakery, industrial pizza, etc.

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  • Bowl capacity
5 l Planetary mixer BM-5E Table-top model with 5-lt / qt. bowl.
5 l Planetary mixer BM-5 Table-top model with 5-lt. / qt. bowl.
10 l Planetary mixer BE-10 Table-top model with 10 lt./ qt. bowl.
20 l Planetary mixer BE-20 Floorstanding unit with 20 lt./ 20 qt. bowl.
30 l Planetary mixer BE-30 Floorstanding unit with 30 lt./ 30 qt. bowl.
40 l Planetary mixer BE-40 Floorstanding unit with 40 lt./ qt. bowl.

We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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