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Veg prep function

Compact design and commercial performance

A perfect cut

In developing the new compact line, all the cuts that the different disc and grid combinations offer have been studied in detail.

The new design of the machine, with tighter tolerances, together with the improvements made to the discs and grids, enables a perfect result whatever the product and the desired cut.

  • A clean, uniform cut without waste: The new discs and grids require less effort when cutting, resulting in clean, uniform cuts with virtually no waste.
  • Wide range of discs and grids: The range of discs and grids available enables more than 35 different types of cuts.
  • Higher production: Hourly production ranges from 50 to 350 Kg.

Maximum comfort

  • Ejection slide

    It allows the cut product to be ejected
    by gravity, avoiding impacts.

  • Lateral product output

    The product output opening is designed
    to direct the product, preventing splashing
    in the work area.

  • Directional design

    It allows the product output to be positioned
    to the right or to the left depending on
    the user's needs.

  • Ergonomic design

    It performs the cutting operation in a
    single movement, achieving maximum
    production without user fatigue.

 ULTRA Range 

The variable speed models have brushless technology and an advanced control panel. Very intuitive to use, the panel on these cutters offers all the information at a glance. The user therefore has maximum control of the cutting.

  • Brushless technology:Maximum efficiency. Brushless technology is synonymous with optimum performance at any speed.
  • Speed selection: The available speed range enables the machine to be adapted to the product being processed.
  • Brushless technology: Force Control System. The variable speed models have the exclusive "Force Control System". The FCS screen shows the force made by the motor at all times. It also enables an audible warning to be programmed for when the machine exceeds the established force.

 ACTIVE Range 

The one-speed models have very simply designed control panels for highly intuitive use. They have powerful asynchronous ventilated motors that offer the highest performance at fixed speeds.


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