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Equipment for School Kitchens Elevate your school's culinary experience with Sammic

Revolutionize your school foodservice operations with our state-of-the-art equipment. From immersion blenders to food processors and peelers, our solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of the school foodservice market.

Embrace efficiency, save on costs, and provide students with culinary delights that exceed expectations.

Do you want to enhance...

  • your students' nutrition?
  • your students' eating habits?
  • your students' satisfaction with school meals?
  • the variety and quality of the food you offer?

And, at the same time,

  • Optimize the timing and workflows of your kitchen.
  • Cut labor costs and time.

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Immersion blenders: Blend beyond boundaries

Efficiency in every sip

Schools across the nation are embracing the smoothie revolution, and Sammic immersion blenders are at the forefront of this delicious transformation.

Our hand blenders empower school cafeterias to effortlessly create multiple smoothie batches, from refreshing fruit blends to protein-packed shakes. Say goodbye to burnt-out traditional blenders and hello to consistent, high-quality results with Sammic.

Seamless flavor transitions

Switching between smoothie flavors has never been easier.

Our immersion blenders eliminate the need for multiple pitchers and time-consuming cleanups after every blend. Schools report increased participation and returns, proving that Sammic immersion blenders are not just a tool but an investment in culinary success.

Versatility in prep and a la carte sales

Take your culinary capabilities to the next level by adding the mixer attachment to our immersion blenders.

From whipping up large batches of instant mashed potatoes to preparing diverse menu items, Sammic immersion blenders are the versatile solution your school needs for both prep and a la carte sales.

Food processors: Fresh, local, flavorful

Grant-funded freshness

Unlock the potential of state grants supporting fresh, local produce initiatives.

Sammic food processors enable schools to process raw, uncut produce efficiently, capitalizing on grant money and providing students with fresher, healthier options.

Labor and cost savings

Achieve greater output in less time

Experience the dual benefits of labor and cost savings as our food processors effortlessly cut carrot sticks, shred vegetables for salads, dice vegetables for roasting, and more. Sammic empowers school districts to elevate their culinary offerings while optimizing operational efficiency.

Peelers: Streamlining fresh produce prep

Time is of the essence

Peels up to 55 lb of product per hour

For large school districts committed to using fresh produce, peeling can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Sammic peelers redefine efficiency, handling more than just potatoes and delivering substantial labor and food cost savings.

A multifaceted solution

From potatoes to a variety of fresh produce

Our peelers are designed to streamline the peeling process. Say goodbye to tedious, manual peeling and hello to a multifaceted solution that enhances productivity and culinary excellence.

Contact us today to learn more about how Sammic can be your partner in culinary success.

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