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Food preparation area Great kitchens

Sammic has more than 50 years’ experience as a manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment. We started out as a manufacturer of potato peelers. From there we have grown - and are growing - constantly, with the goal of providing the widest range of professional food preparation equipment. With the guarantee that we design and manufacture the entire range. 

Your high-performance preparation area

Cutting experts

Cutters are one of the cornerstones of Sammic’s dynamic preparation family. The design of the units, their blades, materials, treatments... a full R&D&i team is devoted exclusively to obtaining not the best cut, but #ThePerfectCut from all units involved in this operation. And it shows.

Sammic: #ThePerfectCut

Precision and control with SmartVide

SmartVide is the solution for those who seek maximum precision and control in the culinary process. This low-temperature immersion cooker, developed with the advice of chefs, is extremely accurate, easy to use and delivers professional performance. It is also portable and complies with the HACCP criteria.

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Sammic, your quality assurance

We monitor every step in the manufacture of our products, from design to marketing. We also employ a corporate chef: an expert cooking team collaborates with our product development teams to bring you practical, innovative units. This enables us to ensure that the solutions we propose meet the needs of the users for whom they are intended.

A wide range of units suitable for the food preparation area is certified by NSF, your guarantee that the design complies with the strictest safety and hygiene standards.



Commercial vegetable preparation machines

The perfect cut, by Sammic: Quality, productivity, ergonomics.
Commercial food processors with an hourly outuput of up to 2,200 lb.

  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Hourly production
350 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-21 Compact, 1-speed vegetable slicer.
350 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-2V Compact, variable speed vegetable slicer. "Brushless" technology: maximum efficiency.
450 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-31 Vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 1000 lb.
650 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-41 High production vegetable preparation machine with an hourly output of up to 1300 lb.

Cutter-mixers & Emulsifiers

Commercial food processors for the professional kitchen.
Our bowl cutter can chop, mash, knead, emulsify any product in seconds: vegetables and herbs, different types of dough, raw or cooked meat, fish, fruit, nuts, ice, hummus, etc.

  • Bowl capacity
4.4 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-4V Bowl capacity: 4.4 l. Adjustable speed with "brushless" technology.
5.5 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-5V Bowl capacity: 5.5 l. Variable speed.
8 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-8V Bowl capacity: 8 l. Variable speed.

Commercial hand blenders

Commercial immersion blenders and whisks.
Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.

Hand blender XM-12 Compact immersion blender. 0.33 Hp / 240 W.
Hand blender XM-22 Professional immersion blender. 0.41 Hp / 300 W.
Hand mixer & blender combo MB-31 Professional hand blender and beater. 0.54 Hp / 400 W.
Hand blender XM-52 Professional immersion blender. 1.1 Hp / 720 W.
Hand blender XM-71 Professional immersion blender. 1.2 Hp / 840 W.

Sous-vide cookers

Commercial precision cooker to get the best products.
Temperature-controlled sous-vide cooking has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen that follows the latest trends. This technique allows to obtain more tender, tasty products with the best texture, with the minimum loss of moisture and weight.

  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Maximum recipient capacity
30 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 5 1.6 Hp / 1200 W. Maximum capacity: 30 l / 8 gal.
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 7 2 Hp / 1400 W. Max. capacity: 56 l / 14 gal.
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 9 2 Hp / 1400 W. Max. capacity: 56 l /14 gal.
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide X Maximum capacity: 56 l / 14 gal.
Needle probe for sous-vide cookers

Needle probe for sous-vide cookers

código artículo
1180090 Needle probe for SmartVide

Vacuum packing machines · Sensor line

SE line. Vacuum controlled by a highly precise sensor.
The professional SE vacuum packing machines enable the extension of the shelf life of raw or cooked foods, without weight loss, without drying out or mixing of flavours and odours.

  • Pump capacity
8 m³/h Vacuum sealer SE-208 Tabletop model. 8 m³/h. Bar length: 280 mm.
10 m³/h Vacuum sealer SE-310 Tabletop model. 420 cf/h. 13"
16 m³/h Vacuum sealer SE-316 Tabletop model. 665 cf/h. 12.6"
20 m³/h Vacuum sealer SE-420 Tabletop model. 840 cf/h. 16.5"

Vacuum packing machines · Sensor Ultra line

SU line. Vacuum controlled by sensor with advanced features and a 3.9" LCD colour screen.
The Sammic SU range of vacuum packing machines features vacuum control by sensor with the display of all the vacuum program values on a 3.9" LCD color screen.

  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Bar length
320 mm Vacuum Sealer SU-310P Tabletop model. 424 cf/h. 12.6"
320 mm Vacuum sealer SU-316GP+ Tabletop model. 670 cf/h. 12.6"
420 mm Vacuum Sealer SU-416P Tabletop model. 670 cf/h. 16.5"
420 mm Vacuum Sealer SU-420GP+ Tabletop model. 848 cf/h. 16.5"

French fry cutter machine

Professional hand chipping machine, designed to produce chips of different sizes within seconds.
Ideal for restaurants and large kitchens, allows 200 - 350 Ib per hour.

Potato Chipping Machine CF-5 Ideal to make perfect french fries for restaurants and large kitchens.

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