SmartVide X, the state-of-the-art immersion circulator Commercial high-precision sous-vide cooker. Reliable, user-friendly, portable.

With a 5" touch screen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the arrival of the SmartVide X completes the family of sous-vide cookers.

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Professional performance

Extremely precise

SmartVide X is equipped with a precision temperature control system, obtaining highly consistent results and facilitating the standardisation of recipes.

An optional core probe enables even more precise control.


Temperature accuracy Temperature range Time accuracy Cycle duration
0,01ºC / 0,1ºF 5 – 95 ºC / 41 – 203 ºF 1 min. 1 min – 99 h.

High power

The SmartVide X is the ideal solution when professional performance is required, as its high-power output means that heating times are kept to a minimum.

In addition, the option of a powered tank that can be connected to the SmartVide X allows for even faster initial heating times and temperature recovery.

Large capacity

The SmartVide X is designed to work in containers of up to 56 litres capacity, which translates into 120 portions of 200 g each time, or 24 kg of food.

Permitted containers

SmartVide X can be operated in the neutral or powered insulated tanks specially designed for it, as well as in gastronorm containers or any other type of container provided that the maximum recommended specifications for capacity (up to 56 l) and depth (150-200 mm) are not exceeded.


Custom Gastronorm Others
Powered insulated tanks designed for this cooker. Insulated tanks with custom lid. Maximum capacity: 56 / 30 l. Maximum capacity: 56 / 30 l.
Insulation = energy savings. Minimum depth: 150 mm. Minimum depth: 150 mm.
With drainage tap.   Maximum recommended depth: 200 mm.

Ability to work for an indefinite time

It is possible to configure operation for an indefinite period by setting a temperature but not a time.

This function is particularly suitable for regeneration and when using the integrated Janby Track Mini application.

Robust construction

Equipped with an ergonomic and robust solid stainless steel handle, SmartVide X has a touch screen to combat humidity and adverse conditions in the kitchen.

The submersible section is equipped with a stainless steel guard for the stirrer and element.

Advanced features

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity, combined with the free App available for iOS and Android, gives SmartVide X advanced features, as it allows you to create recipes in the App and send them to the SmartVide X.

In addition, the application creates a list of users who are operating the machine for effective HACCP control.

What’s more, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, SmartVide X offers a deferred start option. This function allows you to program the specific time at which the water will start to heat up.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, SmartVide X will always be up to date, since whenever the machine finds a new version of the software on the server, it will ask the user if they want to update it.

Wi-Fi connectivity also allows the user to easily send the machine’s history to email in PDF format.


Thanks to the connectivity features, SmartVide X makes HACCP control extremely simple, allowing cycle data to be viewed at any time, cooking results to be exported at the end of each cycle, and the cooking history to be exported, filtered by date.

Recipe memory

It is possible to save recipes by their name in both the appliance memory and the App.

Simply select the recipe instead of entering the temperature and time, guaranteeing consistent results in every cycle.

Janby Track Mini: integrated controlled regeneration

SmartVide X is ready to activate the Janby Track Mini application in an integrated manner without the need for additional equipment. Thanks to Janby Track, it is possible to control the individual cooking and regeneration times of the various bags in the same bath.

* This service, as well as additional features, is enabled independently through our Gastronomy 4.0 technological partner Janby Digital Kitchen (

Your SmartVide, always up to date

Firmware update

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, the software that controls your SmartVide X will always be up to date.

This means features and improvements can be added remotely.

Probe-activated cycle start

When the established temperature is reached at the heart of the product, the cycle starts automatically.

This is a crucial function for pasteurisation.

Cooking history instantly available

With SmartVide X it is possible to view the history on the machine itself during the cycle, at any time.

The best user experience

5" touch screen display

SmartVide X is equipped with a very intuitive 5" colour touch screen especially designed for working in the kitchen.

Settings menu

SmartVide X has a comprehensive settings menu accessible via touch screen. Among other options, information is provided on the use of the machine by temperature range. This information is very useful for the user as well as for maintenance personnel.

Degrees in ºC / ºF

SmartVide X works in either ºC or ºF. Changing from one system to the other is very easy.

Complete warning system

  • Low water level
  • Power cut
  • Water temperature probe
  • Stirrer motor
  • Heater element
  • Device overheating

Portable: ergonomic handle

SmartVide X is equipped with an ergonomic and robust solid stainless steel handle that allows the SmartVide to be easily moved from one container to another.


Portable: Transport bag

The included transport bag allows the SmartVide to be transported easily and safely.

Wide range of accessories

Insulated tank with lid

The insulated tank with lids, available in GN2/1 (56 litres/14gal) and GN1/1 (30 litres / 8gal), are custom made for the SmartVide cookers.

Manufactured in stainless steel and equipped with a drainage tap, they provide thermal insulation and energy savings.

Powered tank

In addition to the neutral insulated tanks, it is also possible to connect the machine to a powered tank equipped with elements that can be controlled from the SmartVide X. The connection is made via USB and the cooker takes control of the heating elements in the tank to speed up the heating and recovery times.

This function is particularly useful when the starting material is very cold or frozen.

The 2/1 tank has two 735 W elements and the 1/1 tank has one 735 W element.

Tank Mains voltage Power Software allows 50%/100% power
1/1 208V‑240V/50Hz/60Hz 750W -
1/1 120V/60Hz 750W 375W / 750W 
2/1 208V‑240V/50Hz/60Hz 1500W -
2/1 120V/60Hz 1500W 750W / 1500W

Core probe and membrane

The optional core probe connects to the SmartVide and allows the temperature at the heart of the product to be measured in real time.

This is recommended when standardising recipes. A membrane protects the bag from water ingress due to the use of the probe.

SmartVide X also allows you to set cooking times according to the temperature of the bath or of the probe at the heart of the product.

Tank dividers

The dividers allow the tank to be divided and help to better organise the food in the bath. This is a very practical way of making the most of the space available.

Anti-steam balls

The anti-steam balls cover the surface of the bath, creating a layer in order to avoid the evaporation of liquids during long cooking periods. They keep the vacuum bags submerged, reduce both fumes and the risk of splashes.

The Sammic anti-steam balls can withstand up to 110ºC / 230 ºF and can be used with practically any type of liquid.

Quality assurance

100% tested

All SmartVide cookers are tested one by one before they are sold, guaranteeing the best performance in a professional kitchen.

Approvals and certificates

The SmartVide X is approved by NSF, a guarantee of safety and hygiene, and has the certificates required to allow sale in the most demanding markets.

Sammic: a leader's guarantee

Designed and developed with chefs, for chefs

Sammic's R&D+I team has been working closely with our corporate Chef Enrique Fleischmann and Fleischmann’s Cooking Group with the aim of developing the cooker that best suits their needs.

Also, all SmartVide models have been tested by Sammic Ambassador Chefs all over the world before their launch.

Part of a complete solution

Sammic has been manufacturing professional vacuum packing machines since 1990, and now offers a complete solution for sous-vide cooking.

All about Sous-Vide Cooking

Sammic has a website dedicated to sous-vide cooking and low temperature where users can find recipes, cooking guides, techniques, equipment and much more.

Janby Digital Kitchen

Our Gastronomy 4.0 technological partner

Janby Digital Kitchen aims to make the professional kitchen and its processes more sophisticated through digitalisation, technology and connectivity.

Sous-vide cookers

Commercial precision cooker to get the best products.
Temperature-controlled sous-vide cooking has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen that follows the latest trends. This technique allows to obtain more tender, tasty products with the best texture, with the minimum loss of moisture and weight.

  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Maximum recipient capacity
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide X Maximum capacity: 56 lt./ 14 gal.
Insulated tank for SmartVide immersion circulator

Insulated tank for SmartVide immersion circulator

código artículo
1180060 Insulated tank (1/1 de 200 mm) 28 l./7.4 gal.
1180065 Insulated tank (2/1 200 mm) 56 l./14.8 gal.
Heated tanks for SmartVide X

Heated tanks for SmartVide X

código artículo
1180070 Heated tank 28P 28 l / 7.4 gal 230/50-60/1
1180071 Heated tank 28P 28 l / 7.4 gal 120/60/1
1180075 Heated tank 56P 56 l / 14.8 gal 230/50-60/1
1180076 Heated tank 56P 56 l / 14.8 gal 120/60/1
Needle probe for sous-vide cookers

Needle probe for sous-vide cookers

código artículo
1180090 Needle probe for SmartVide

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