Motor unit MM-30

0.54 Hp / 400 W motor block. Fixed speed.

  • Fixed speed motor block.
  • Designed for continuous use.

Professional performance

  • Fixed speed.
  • Designed to work in recipients of up to 60 litres.
  • 3 mixer arm lengths available.

Maximum comfort for the user

  • Compact design: logical and manageable size.
  • Ergo-design & bi-mat-grip: external casing made in two materials for an ergonomic hold. Anti-slip grip. Optimum inclination of handle, minimising fatigue.
  • Click-on-arm: detachable arm with fast and secure closure.
  • Intuitive use: very simple operation. LED warning light in two colours to indicate the status of the machine.
  • Possiblity of continuous operation.

Built to last

  • Professional performance: capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating.
  • Life-plus: equipped with a motor which has passed all of the most demanding usage tests.
  • Studied geometry: casing designed to avoid rolling and falling.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Approved by NSF: guaranteed safety and hygiene.
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Specifications Sheet

Total loading: 0.54 Hp / 400 W
Motor speed: 12000 rpm
Blade guard diameter: [v:diam_cubre_cuch_us]

Net weight: 5.42 lbs
Noise level (1m.): -- dB(A)

Product Sheet

Default equipment

Fixed speed motor block.

Optional equipment

MA-31 mixer arm.
MA-32 mixer arm.
MA-33 mixer arm.
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