French Fry Cutter Machine

Professional hand chipping machine, designed to produce chips of different sizes within seconds.

Ideal for restaurants and large kitchens, allows 200-350 Ibs/h. productions.
The potato hand chipping machine, with light stainless alloy body, light and strong, allows to usera clean cut, without breaching or throw-away and without fatigue. Controls and nuts and bolts in stainless steel. Extended handle which provides optimal results with minimal effort. The use of exchangeable knife blocks and pusher sets allows thicknesses of 5/16, 3/8 or 1/2'' to be achieved. The pusher ejects the chips and leaves the grid free. The CF-5 potato hand chipping machine is comfortable touse: The springs at the rear leave the grid completely free. The springs are highly flexible compensators which help to raise the presser-ejector. Equipped with suction feet to provide stability on the work surface. NSF International certified, the potato hand chipping machine is easy to clean. [+]
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