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SE line. Vacuum controlled by a highly precise sensor.

The Sammic SE line of vacuum packing machines incorporates a new control panel that uses a single program to adjust the vacuum percentage and includes an option to program up to 10 seconds of vacuum "plus".

The professional Sammic vacuum packing machines enable the extension of the shelf life of raw or cooked foods, without weight loss, without drying out or mixing of flavours and odours. Both the chamber and the body are made of stainless steel. The cordless sealing bar allows simple and easy cleaning of the chamber. All models are equipped with Busch pumps and offer a double seal system to ensure the durability of the packing. In addition, certain models are equipped with two sealing bars to handle larger packing volumes.

Equipped with a digital control panel, the vacuum is controlled by an extremely accurate sensor or microprocessor, avoiding the need for time setting and unnecessary trial & error. As a result, the time it takes to create the vacuum is the optimal time for the product to be packaged, irrespective of its volume. This removes the need for a manometer, which is replaced by a panel with a display that accurately indicates the vacuum percentage.

The SE vacuum packing machines provide security in liquid packaging by pre-setting an appropriate level of vacuum for packaging liquid at room temperature without the risk of splashing or spillage. All models are able to connect to the Vac-Norm external vacuum kit for vacuum packing in trays specifically designed for this purpose.

All models offer special features such as the option to carry out packaging cycles only for the sealing of bags, adjusting to a lower vacuum, or marinating products, by pressing the pause button which allows you to freeze the vacuum phase and restart from the same point.

All models in the SENSOR line feature pulse-controlled decompression, which protects the product to be packaged and prevents tears in the vacuum bag.

The Sammic professional vacuum packing machines have a pump-drying program, which allows the extension of its useful life, and also a working hours counter indicating when to change the oil. 


VACUUM PUMP (cf/h) 210 350/560 650/700 700
SEALING BAR LENGTH (in) 11" 13" 17" 17" + 17"
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 120V / 50-60 Hz / 1~
MAX VACUUM PRESSURE (mbar) 2 2 2 2
WIDTH 11 13 17 22
DEPTH 13 14 16 17
HEIGHT 4 6 7 7
WIDTH 13 15 19 25
DEPTH 17 18 21 21
HEIGHT 12 16 18 20
NET WEIGHT (lbs.) 57 75/77 143/154 176

200 series
Tabletop model: 280 mm. / 11" sealing bar.

  • Deep-drawn chamber.

500 series
Tabletop model: two parallel sealing bars of 420 + 420mm. / 17"+17"

  • Long-shaped chamber.

800 series
Floorstanding unit: two sealing bars

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