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New compact hand mixer TR-200 for small professional needs

October 10, 2012 Français   Deutsch   Español   Português   Italiano  

Sammic introduces a new professional compact hand mixer TR-200, with 200mm. arm and small sized blade covering hood, specially designed to work in small bowls, always ensuring a professional performance. 

With high power (250W) and 9000 rpm, the new hand mixer guarantees professional performance and, in line with the rest of the range of Sammic hand mixers, this model also features an ergonomic design and easy operation.

The new compact hand blender TR-200 is a fixed speed model, but the mixer arm BXS (200 mm. long and small sized blade covering hood) will be available as an optional arm for TR/BM-250 variable speed motor, which yields a model with variable speed.

The new ultra-compact hand mixer TR-200 will be presented in the next edition of Hostelco and will be available soon.


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