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Chef’s Services by Sammic: #TheRightChoice

October 7, 2014 Français   Italiano   Português   Español   Deutsch  

If a few days ago we informed you about our collaboration with Enrique Fleischmann and Fleischmann’s Cooking Group, today we present Chef’s Services, through which we will pass on to our distributors and end users the benefits of having a corporate chef and his team at our disposal. 

To implement the project we have set up a classroom-kitchen, fully equipped technically and with audiovisual media, from which we will provide training both in standard and tailor-made formats, and with both in situ and distance learning. We will also provide advisory services to both distributors and to actual and potential end users.

We are currently detailing the portfolio of services that Chef’s Services will encompass. We will provide you with more information regarding this very soon.

Sammic: #TheRightChoice

Downloadable pictures of kitchen & training room

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