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Sammic VAC App: Control your packing machine from your smartphone

June 1, 2017 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  


The technology of Sammic machines is improving and, after the first mobile and tablet application for the SmartVide 8 plus, the app Sammic VAC app has now been released. This is the official app for the of  “Sensor Ultra” (SU) vacuum packaging range and enables the packaging machine to be remotely managed via Wireless and labels printed for packaging. It is a very intuitive application that is very accessible to any type of user.

Thanks to the Sammic VAC app, users of SU packaging machines with Wireless option can easily manage their packaging machines; they can create new programs and modify previously created ones. The program also enables a name to be associated to all programs, greatly facilitating the work of the person handling the packaging during the cooking process.

Labels can also be assigned to the different vacuum programs. The Sammic Vac enables all users who have a CG2 printer installed to print custom labels automatically. This app allows users to customise the name of the label, the expiry dates, storage temperature, etc. Thus makes organising conserved products and the kitchen in general is now easier than ever.      


The application also allows you to back up and store programs on a Smartphone. Thus, in addition to the security provided, a program can be copied from one packaging machine to another without any problem.

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