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Interhal at Sammic HQ: Welcome!

March 7, 2018 Español  

Visits are being usual at Sammic headquarters. Lately, customers, distributors, consultants and end-users come from all over the world, and we love receiving them. The last visit we had was from our Dutch distributor Interhal who came to Azkoitia to know our facilities and to receive commercial training of our machines.

The representatives of Interhal, Annemarie Rademaker (Commercial Department), Adrianus Loonen (Commercial Department), Azief Tafazzul (Commercial Department) and Thomas van der Borgt (Purchase Manager), were at the headquarters on monday, March 5. During the day they spent with us, they were able to learn about our workflow: from design to manufacture and management of our products. In addition, they had the option to see and test our machines and they received a little training on how and for what our machines are used. Apart from that, they also saw all the options our website offer.

It has been a very succesful visit and at Sammic we want to thank Interhal for the interest they have shown. It has been a big pleasure.

See you soon!

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