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KitchenBridge I: Txoko Getaria Restaurant

September 19, 2018 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

When taking a gastronomic journey through Basque Country with Chef Enrique Fleischmann as host chef, you would not want to miss out on a meal at his Txoko Getaria Restaurant. Txoko Getaria is traditional cuisine brought up to date, where respect for the product, tradition and taste are the most important points. Txoko Getaria is a way of understanding that the old style can be kept alive and improved upon, allowing evolution to continue to lead the way.

Txoko Getaria combines the most advanced culinary techniques such as sous-vide cooking and temperature-controlled regeneration, using a charcoal grill to prepare the freshest fish from the Cantabrian Sea and the juiciest meats.


Naturally, the chefs invited by Kitchen Bridge had the opportunity to interact with Enrique Fleischmann and his team, collaborating in the roasting and finishing process of exquisite turbot: the best fish they have ever had, in the words of the guests themselves.

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