The 10 most read of 2022

December 30, 2022 Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch   Español  

The year is coming to an end and, as every year, the time has come to evaluate it. And we wanted to know: which post has generated the most interest during 2022?

Here is a collection of the most-read posts from 2022. 


1. When and how do we change the oil of vacuum packers?

2. Regeneration of food by sous vide

3. Gravity Slide System, ejects the cut product without impact

4. The Compact line now in video

5. How to clean an industrial potato peeler

6. Thank you, Pizza Expo 2022!

7. “Quick fix” multi-purpose bowl clamp video

8. Standardise #ThePerfectCut with the Force Control System

9. Standardise your recipes with the cutter programmes

10. A new edition of NRA Show is here!

What do you think? Which one did you like best?

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