2022 NRA: We look forward to seeing you again. Thank you!

May 30, 2022

Sammic US and the international team were happy to welcome friends and customers alike to our booth at the 2022 National Restaurant Show in Chicago. It was good to hear about the needs of our customers and to be able to provide new solutions!


Our visitors were excited and impressed to see the programmability in our KE-8V line of processors, as well as to see the impressive new compact line of preparation machines. Chef Enrique Fleischmann wowed the crowd with sliced and stacked vegetables, while his purees were silky smooth!  For those looking for sous vide solutions, Sammic did not disappoint. The new 120P 120 liter powered heated tank and SmartVide XL provide solutions for those users who never imagined such volumes.

More information here:

Regeneration Solutions for Healthcare

Regeneration Solutions for High Production

We are busy following up our leads and look forward to seeing you all again while on the road, or soon enough at NAFEM in Orlando!

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