SmartVide XL + 120P heated tank

The SmartVide XL cooker + 30-gallon Precision Rethermalizer Tank

The SmartVide XL cooker and 30-gallon Precision Rethermalizer Tank are designed to help foodservice professionals with productivity, menu versatility and culinary quality.


SmartVide XL cooker and 30-gallon Precision Rethermalizer Tank, recognized in the prestigious 2023 Kitchen Innovations Awards, allows operators to serve up to 150 six-ounce portions per hour while maintaining the same precision as a typical countertop sous vide tank. This system also offers menu versatility, as multiple dishes can be rethermed simultaneously in the same bath while guaranteeing culinary quality by preserving the texture and flavor of the food. Additionally, the system's highly precise temperature control along with the Janby Track system ensure consistent results, while automating the HACCP reports that are gathered centrally in the JANBY Cloud.

  • High production
  • Menu versatility
  • Culinary quality
  • Precision
  • Easy HACCP control
  • Janby-Ready



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