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Sous-vide cooking, now by Sammic

November 22, 2011

The temperature-controlled vacuum cooking has become a culinary technique essential for any professional kitchen. More than a fad, it is a technique that is gaining support for its advantages related to product quality as well as economic and organizational advantages involved in their use.

Sammic offers a wide range of sous-vide cookers in the capabilities and uses, including a portable sous-vide cooker with stirrer and water bath, providing a solution tailored to the needs of each user as well as a wide range of optional accessories.

SVP-100 is a portable model with an agitator that allows its use in containers of different sizes whenever we have a minimum depth of 150mm working. Small size allows for easy storage and transport.




Water bath models SVC-14 , SVC-28 / SVC-4-22D: 14 and 28 liters of capacity, ability to use tabs, and a model with two tanks of 4 + 22 liters

From the standpoint of product quality, this technique ensures  better culinary products, more tender, flavorful and the best texture, with minimal loss of moisture and weight. In addition, this system highlights the flavors and retains the colors of the food. As for the nutritional qualities of food, they are preserved because the water-soluble minerals are dispersed into the cooking pouch. It has also been shown that the vacuum cooking retains more vitamins than traditional cooking and steaming. Finally, foods require very little fat and salt additives which give consistent results.

The Sous Vide and Sammic Vacuum Packaging systems enable improved organization allowing advanced preparation work during off peak times, better forward planning, expansion of menu whilst maintaining a more precise portion and cost control. Furthermore, this technique uses a lower power consumption compared with commercial ovens. Cooking without gas reduces the temperature in the kitchen and other risks. The vacuum can regenerate different dishes at the same time, and it is a cooking technique which is very clean, cleaning times are reduced considerably

The use of these devices is very simple and yields consistent results.


Sammic has extensive knowledge and experience of vacuum packing in the hospitality sector is an essential element which complements the sous-vide technology and systems now being offered.

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