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Kitchenbridge 2019: Blackbird Chicago Experience

July 9, 2019 Español   Français   Português   Deutsch   Italiano  

During the return tour on the Kitchenbridge programme, the second of the three events organised in the USA took place on Wednesday 5 June. It was held at Cjef Paul Kahan's Blackbird restaurant.


Paul Kahan started out studying computer science at university, but it was while he was working in the kitchen at Erwin Drechsler's restaurant Metropolis that realised that his true vocation was in the kitchen. He learned in different cuisines up until 1999 when he opened his own restaurant called Blackbird, which currently has one Michelin star. Currently, Paul Kahan is executive chef and partner of the business group One Off Hospitality Group, which has 12 restaurants throughout Chicago. Internationally acclaimed, it has received many accolades and awards over the last few years.  


After shopping at a local market, local chefs Paul Kahan and Ryan Pfeifffer, in collaboration with Sammic's corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann, joined forces in the kitchen of this famous restaurant to prepare a meal using Sammic equipment such as the SmartVide precision cooker and the XM-12 compact professional blender.


Attendees included outstanding chefs from the area and key players in the sector: Thai Dang from HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen Steve Abt from Abt Electronics, Davide Posey and Anna Posey from Elske Restaurant, Grant Johnson from Olympic Restaurant Supply, Chris Thompson and Marcos Campos, from Bonhomme Hospitality.

A live demonstration was presented of the SmartVideTrack, the innovative bag-to-bag cooking time management system that complements the temperature precision offered by the SmartVide and the advanced features of Sammic's SU vacuum packaging machine. They could also touch and see the new XM-12 immersion blender in operation.


We appreciate the high level of interest in the Sammic equipment shown by attendees, as well as their positive evaluation of the event.

An event that is sure to be just the beginning of fruitful relations. See you soon friends!

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