Free shipping on our special Essential School Foodservice Processor Package

May 12, 2021

Food processors have become popular pieces of equipment in K-12 kitchens, with some schools citing they utilize them for more than half of their chopping, dicing and grating needs. Regardless of the size of the school and its kitchens, from smaller independent districts to larger management-run programs, continuous-feed food processors can be an important part of kitchen production. 

Having consistent and qualified labor is one of the main challenges faced in school foodservice and we are only seeing that trend increase post COVID. This next year is the perfect time to look to partners, such as Sammic, for labor saving solutions. A single CA-31 food processor can fill in for an understaffed kitchen, saving hundreds of labor-hours along with saving thousands of dollars in food cost. 

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For a limited time Sammic is offering FREE SHIPPING on our special Essential School Foodservice Processor Package. This processor and cutting kit has everything a kitchen manager could dream of. Quickly cut perfect carrot sticks, shred any type of cheese, dice tomatoes, julienne French fries, and process just about anything you can imagine!

Check out our Cutting Guide for inspiration on all the cutting options available.


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